First Cuban International Car Race


These photographs were captured on 13 February 1905, when the Cuban Ernesto Carricaburu won the first international car race held in Cuba and set a world record by averaging the tremendous speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

5 vehicles involved were driven by three Frenchmen, world champion and veteran Tracy Fletcher and Birk, and two Cubans, Ramon G.Carricaburu Ernesto Mendoza, who first participated in a contest.He had enrolled sixth competitor, who would drive a 90 hp Mercedes owned by ER Thomas wealthy, but just before the game had technical problems and could not participate.


Overcome the distance was 100 miles, about 160 kilometers by road from the town of Arroyo Arenas on the outskirts of Havana to San Cristóbal in Pinar del Rio, and thence returned to the goal.The race began at 12:10 noon Arroyo Arenas. The first car was the Renault boot Tracey, who won the Paris-Madrid race, followed by the famous pilot who flew a car Fletcher De-Dietrich 80 hp but just after leaving there was a failure that cost him valuable minutes.The experienced pilot Birk went third with a Mercedes than 40 horsepower, and then the Cuban Carricaburu with another 60 hp Mercedes, owned by Enrique Conill. The last car was the car De-Dietrich of Ramon G.Mendoza with a power of 35 horses. Thousands of spectators cheered and admired those meteors passing at high speed, and photographers of numerous Cuban and foreign publications captured the images of that historic race cars in Cuba.

1 hour, 59 minutes and 53 seconds after the party crossed the finish line in first place and to the amazement and pride of all Carricaburu present the pilot with his mechanic and co-Oscar Martinez, who had not beaten by 90 seconds to Tracey European who was also the reigning world champion.

The roaring crowd raised their arms to Cuba and took him to the presidential grandstand where he was greeted by President Estrada Palma. After congratulations and Bayamo Anthem chords played by the Band, was made the delivery of the coveted gold cup and silver "Habana", awarded by the City of Havana, the Cuban world champion racing, Cuban Carricaburu.



The Mercedes n º 5 piloted by Cuban Ernesto Carricaburu winner of the first international car racing to reach the goal in Arroyo Arenas.