El Día del Chevrolet 57


The celebration of “El día de el Chevrolet 57” was a great success and a special occasion to celebrate the XI anniversary of the Club, besides it wascarried on competitions between the cars, photographic exposure, contest of photo, live music, and much more.

El Dia Del Chevrolet '57, Havana, Cuba, Sunday 5th October 2014

The event was held in front of the magnificent Hotel Sevilla, in the historic center of Havana. In addition to the members of our Club, participated on the event owners of Chevrolet ’57, and all together celebrated the homage to these cars. It was a happiness to share with all the lovers of motoring and general public that joined the event.


The morning began since early, there were already 9:00 AM when some cars, and among them ourguests of honor began to come, they were the Chevrolet of the ´ 57. Although rain looked like it's going to spoil the fun, this don’t prevent that join together a great number of enthusiasts of the old cars, as well as casual public, who discover the event and joined to participate of the same.


In the lobby of the hotel was carried on a photographic exhibition whose main theme was the old cars in Cuba, also a talk about the history of the motoring in our country and when finalizing the same one a contest of knowledge about the Chevys ‘57 and history of motoringtook effect.


One of the attractions of the activity was the photographycontest, for which throughout the event, could be observeda great number of photographers interacting with the all-comers, looking for the best angle, the best framework, the best illumination… in short the best photo, that one, that looked artistically for a singular point of view and representing Chevrolets ´ 57.


Finalizing the morning, and in spite of the fact that rain finally did its appearing, which don’t obstruct the continuation of the event, a competition of abilities came true. In the same the competitors should have given a turn to her block with a full glass of water on the bonnet of the car, the one that less water spilled during the trajectory, it would be the winner. It was a competition extremely moved and exciting, that had a great acceptance in the audience.

 As final note of a great day, the band “Los Kents”gave a concert for the lovers of Rock and Roll of the years 70 ´s, 80 ´s and 90 ´s of the last century, interpreting internationals big hits. “Los Kents”filled the environment of music, joy and happiness, than when seeing the whole surrounding panorama, it created a singular atmosphere of delight.


This magnificent event was carried out thanks to the collaboration of our sponsor CUBAISM, we arebig mind thanked.











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