2011 1st Driving Skills Competition

Sunday 6 March our Canoe Club held at the Malecon in Havana the first competition of the 2011 skills. The competition was developed according to the requirements and standards established by the Federation of Motorsports and artismo of Cuba, according to the FIA ​​international regulations for such activities



The competition gathered about 30 competitors who had to complete a mixed circuit consisted of a short length of acceleration, followed by an area where they had to park backwards, then overcome a distance driving over several wooden planks to the second parking area were reverse parking was requested qith no more  than 10 inches from the sidewalk. From there, they proceeded to the front parking area and then to a zigzag leading to the short acceleration straight that ended en the circuit goal.




In this event we had the participation of the Friends of Russian Car Club , Club Fiat 125 and LAMA Motorcycle Club, they were divided into 3 groups categorized by the physical size of the cars that was the decisive factor this competition in which the power or acceleration does not necessarily mean an advantage because for every foul committed in the completion of the circuit the is a penalization of 20s in the overall time.



Winners of the Small Car Category:

1 - Raúl González C, 3:52


Medium Car Category Winners:

1 - Roberto Pérez, 2:15

2 - Alain Calzadilla, 2:43

3 - Alejandro Franco and Lázaro Vázquez, 2:52


Big Winners Category Autos:

1 - Pilot Sabino, 3:16

2 - Ramón Ventura, 3:58


Guests included the winners were:

1 - David Peña, 2:39

2 - Gerardo A. Gonzalez, 3:05

3 - Raul Miriam, 3:25