12th Aniversary of our Club

This October 4th Sunday, our Club is celebrating its 12th anniversary of created. We are all more than happy with the achievements. We do not stop ... there will be many more.

Don´t miss the opportunity to attend and share in our event with "A Lo Cubano" family. We will have a skill competence, attractive games, free raffles ... and many more surprises.


Date: 04-10-2015 at 10:00 AM.

Place: Tropicana´s Garden (72 No. 4504. Marianao).

Caravan to Alcona.

October 12th of 2014 our Club traveled by caravan toward Alcona farm, where all members enjoyed an unforgettable Sunday.



El Día del Chevrolet 57


The celebration of “El día de el Chevrolet 57” was a great success and a special occasion to celebrate the XI anniversary of the Club, besides it wascarried on competitions between the cars, photographic exposure, contest of photo, live music, and much more.

El Dia Del Chevrolet '57, Havana, Cuba, Sunday 5th October 2014

2011 1st Driving Skills Competition

Sunday 6 March our Canoe Club held at the Malecon in Havana the first competition of the 2011 skills. The competition was developed according to the requirements and standards established by the Federation of Motorsports and artismo of Cuba, according to the FIA ​​international regulations for such activities


1st Speed Event

Sunday December 5, 2010 our classic car club held at the premises of the Marina Hemingway Speed ​​R 400m Individual Competition against the clock. The event was held in the path of the first channel of the Marina Hemigway, the Automobile and Karting Federation of Cuba monitor and ensure compliance with safety measures in the event.



History of Cars in Cuba

The arrival of the automobile in Cuba took place more than 100 years ago. The first news of this event dates from 1898 when the dusty streets of Havana witnessed the presence of the first noisy automobile which used benzene to move and could only develop 10 Km/hour. It was a “Parisienne” French Automobile which cost to his owner was one thousand pesos. Six months later, the second one arrived; it was a “Rochet-Scheneider” coming from Lyon. This one counted with 8 Horsepower and could develop a speed of 30 Km/hour. It´s price was 4,000 pesos. A third automobile arrived a little bit later and it was used to distribute commodities of a cigarettes factory from the city. It was a small covered truck which was also a Parisienne, but it was superior to the first one and looked like a carriage or a coach, but without horses.